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. but i will qualify this, bob. i think biden and obama are doing the right thing by hearing all the sides right now. if they say we need "x," "y," zsthat brings on the second amendment we'll have the discussion. >> bob: selective editing of eric holder. he said trying to change the attitude about guns. >> eric: brainwash. his word. brainwash? >> bob: connected it to smoking. try to convince young people having guns -- >> kimberly: start with his buddies in hollywood, first, making of video games and everything. >> andrea: michael moore spoke up on the and he voiced this suggestion. >> the short-term solution is we have to been a assault weapons and ban semi-automatic weapons and ban the magazines that hold more than ten bulle bullets. we should register every gun. we don't do it now. we should be licensing everybody with a gun. >> dana: the thing, when biden puts forward the recommendations, now tuesday, it will fall short of what people on the left want them to do and seem overbearing for some on the right. i have to say to a great number of people out there it will sound reasonable. oba
hearing tuesday. >>> coming up next, president obama and vice president joe biden making good on a promise to present gun control reform legislation soon. >> the man accused of a deadly shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater will go onto trial. fox 5 news will be back in a moment.  >>> the judge overseeing a preliminary hearing into the colorado movie sheet are shooting says the case can go to trial. judge william sylvester says there is enough evidence against james holmes from last summer's massacre in aurora. he is due back in court later today for an arraignment. but his lawyers say they are not ready to enter a plea. >>> less than a month of an elementary school school shooting in connecticut a 16- year-old fired a shotgun in his school yesterday. his teacher is being called a hero for talk the teen down. he did critically wound one student and shot another. students actually warned each other by text message even before police arrived. >>> the obama administration's effort to curb gun violence meanwhile and tighten gun laws is in full swing with three
he's not ready to enter a plea. they're expected to ask for a delay. >> vice president joe biden met with gun owner groups today. including n-r-a representataives as head of president barrak obama's task force to fight gun violence. already biden is announcing the group will have some recommendations for the president by tuesday. it's expected that universal background checks for all gun owners could be in the mix. the n-r-a meantime. says it's disappointed with the meeting. an evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction at president obama's inaugaration later this month is backing out. that's because what he said in an old sermon has come back to haunt him. reverand. louie giglio is being criticized for a sermon he gave on homosexuality in the '90's. he called same-sex relationships sinful -- and an abomination. he was originally chosen because of his work to end human trafficking. >> jacqueline: temperatures are already dropping off. 20's and 30's. frosty conditions for tomorrow and saturday. some changes over the next several days. here is what is going to look like with 27
that the gunman said that others had bullied him. >> vice-president joe biden says he will give president obama a set of recommendations on how to curb gun violence by tuesday. he is dealing with opposition from the nra. >> vice-president joe biden painted the most graphic picture yet while driving home his plan to revamp gun restrictions. >> there has nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual people -- the visual that people have of six-year-olds were told -- riddled with bullet holes. >> he said that recommendations would be made to president obama by tuesday. that will include universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines. >> i grew up in the hunting culture, but this is not. why does anybody need a 30-clip? >> the push back was almost in -- instant, as the nra blasted the discussion as an attack on the second amendment. in just the last 18 days, the nra reports that they have seen a flood of new members 100,000 to be exact. this man says the jump in membership does not exactly a surprise him but he feels responsible gun owners not the lack of g
on "viewpoint." vice president biden says president obama will get hig working group's recommend ailses on curbing gun violence by tuesday. around the time joe biden was making the statements, news broke on the latest american school shooting. a male student was shot in the chest allegedly by another male student armed with a shot gunn at the taft union high school in kern county, california, about 120 miles north of l.a. the alleged shooter is said to be 16 years old. he's alive and in custody. his victim is said to be in critical but stable condition. a teacher who reportedly helped convince the shooter to surrender was lightly wounded with a shotgun pellet and refused treatment at the scene. now, back at the white house vice president biden sat down today with hunters sportsmen and gun owner's groups including the nra the real victims in all of this gun violence, as part of his fact-finding mission for the president. before the doors closed, he told reporter what's heard from gun control groups and law enforcement thus far. >> there is a surprising -- so far, a surprising recurrence
including the nra made their case to vice president joe biden today as the obama administration aims to curb gun violence. we'll tell you how today's meeting played out. >> also ahead tonight. >> reporter: this may look like a doctor's office, but it's actually one of the d.c.'s new medical marijuana dispensaries. i'm beth parker. i'll take you on a tour coming up. >> later on the news edge, the real star of argo, meet the maryland man who is not only responsible for the american success story but may wind up with an oscar, also.  >>> a news alert from colorado where a judge ruled this evening there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial for suspected movie theater gunman james holmes. the preliminary hearing was held this week to determine whether the case should go to trial. holmes is accused of murdering 12 people, wounding 70 others in july. he's scheduled to be formerly charged tomorrow. his lawyers asked for the arraignment to be delayed. >>> a 16-year-old california student is in custody after he brought a shot gun and 20 rounds of ammunition to school this morning in t
violence begins to take action. biden will make recommendations to president obama by tuesday. we will take you to washington live in a few minutes. we'll hear from white house correspondent dan lothian, coming up. >>> severe storms, including three tornado touchdowns leave parts of louisiana underwater. one town, eunice, in southwestern, louisiana, drenched with more than a foot of rain over three days. seven parishes have widespread flooding, prompting bobby jindal to declare a state of emergency. more rain forecast this weekend. >>> major league baseball out front on testing for human growth hormone. in-season blood test willing begin during the 2013 season. that announcement, a day after a star-studded but checkered class of candidates was shut out entirely by the hall of fame. barry bonds, roger clemens, sammy sosa, rejected because of links to steroid abuse. >> baseball had this in the works for a while. announced it yesterday after the fall of fame thing. >> the players on board. >> the union signed on. i don't think the players love the idea, but they will do it it's a huge step in
rights, that's not what i want to do or mark kelly, joe biden, barack obama, not what anybody sensible wants to do, but that's the way, when you talk about the demonizing, the argument gets framed. and it makes you look like you're being unpatriotic if you dare to question it. >> yes. there's a martial art, most are about breaking the other person. what's beautiful about the art of hakito is someone's attack on you becomes an energy that you welcome. instead of trying to hurt them, you align with them and redirect them. it's actually a beautiful art. that's what we're not doing on the economy, guns, we become more polarized. there is a solution. you took a lot more in, you took umbrance to the idea you're stepping on graves, which anyone would, but it was different when you're saying you're wrong. i've done the same thing. >> listen, i'm trying to be fair minded and listen to the debate. what i find hard is when i'm categorized as being some raging lefty who hates the constitution. i totally respect and admire the constitution and the second amendment and the americans' right to defend
. the obama administration is getting closer to deciding what to do to curb gun violence in the u.s. joe biden is meeting with leaders of the pro-gun lobby. >> images of 6-year-old kid is riddled, not just shocked, riddled with bullet holes. but startling imagery by joe biden as he meets the group said offend gun ownership. the same time, the sound of gunfire echoed from another classroom. a 16-year-old shot and injured in california. another student in custody after a teacher convinced him to put down his gun. >> he had as many as 20 rounds of shotgun in his pocket, so we do not know what might have happened. this is a tragedy but not as bad as we think it might have been. >> that did not change the outcome of this picture of the meeting with the national rifle association. it called the meeting disappointing and plans to take the case to capitol hill, where it has many allies, even though when it comes to giving campaign contributions, the nra is far from the biggest spender, paying about $19 million in the last election. it did not get much for its money. the nra has less than 1% success ra
. just listen to joe biden in 2008. >> barack obama ain't taking my shotgun, so don't buy that malarkey. >> reporter: but recent polls suggest an opening for some gun control. a majority now favoring a ban on semiautomatic handguns. but it would be a mistake to think the nra's influence has waned. in the three weeks after the shooting in newtown, connecticut, they added more than 100,000 new members. diane? >> all right, thank you jonathan karl. and in those three weeks after newtown, now, another school shooting today, at a high school in california. police say a student with a shotgun wounded a 16-year-old he was targeting, then shot at but missed a second student he was targeting. somehow a teacher and supervisor talked him into putting the gun down. the student he shot is in critical but stable condition tonight. >>> and now, a warning for millions of people who take sleeping pills like ambien. today, the fda said there is evidence that these pills can stay in the body longer than thought. including among drivers behind the wheel. and they plan to change the way some people use it,
>>> good friday morning. coming up on "early today," vice president joe biden ready with gun control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concerns among top military brass that budget consults and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> the government saying the deo set up our own service secret agents with prostitutes. >>> all that bus the growing flu epidemic. one year since coast that concordia accident. and ziggy. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, january 11th, 2013. >>> good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of administration's gun control task force. thursday, biden met with gun rights advocates, including the national rifle association as well as retailers and the entertainment industry. the nra had harsh words for the vice president afterwards. >> the at station was able to check the box and say they'd talked to the representative of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment, and now they were goi
on the same day that vice president biden promising to put gun proposals in front of president obama by tuesday. a little more than a month after the shootings in newtown. he and the task force have been hearing for different sides and a to be lobbyist from the nra. coming away none too pleased with the administration. he joins us now from the white house. the vice president mentioned specific recommendations emergeing for groups. what are they? >> number one, he mentioned it right there at a news conference of sorts with reporters and the reporters weren't asking questions, but the vice president gave a briefing and said they will look at background checks. it's a background check. he is talking about universal background checks and private sale fist i were to sell you a gun, there would be a background check according to what the vice president was laying out. the other thing he was talking about was a ban or limitation on the high capacity magazines like the magazines used by the shooter, adam lanza in newtown, connecticut. people who were concerned about the violence pointed to t
and poorly reported stories of obama's first term, the role that biden played particularly in dealing with the hill. now, you could say that dealings with the hill were rocky, but yes, they were rocky, and that's why you needed biden at various moments. not just moments but throughout to try to get stuff done. he has always been very important to this administration, very important to this president. there was never any question that obama wouldn't want him at his side for a second term. and i think it's great for joe biden that people are finally seeing that and he's not just sort of the brunt of late-night jokes. now, he will be the brunt of a few more late-night jokes because he's going to say something, i'm sure, tomorrow or the next day that makes everyone cringe, but he's so smart and he's so talented. he's joe biden. >> -- obama that the ceo, the mark of a great ceo or the top three or four appointees, hillary clinton, joe biden, that's what a great ceo does. it's the people around them. >> david? >> mika, i was just going to make this historical point which is kind of ironic.
-natale at the school taft. president obama says he -- vice president biden will give the president ideas tuesday. he is giving a hint today what the ideas might be. met with representatives from the national rifle association and other gun owners groups. the president put vice president biden in charge of the projected after the newtown, massacre. today he said the public wants us to act. >> there is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual image people have of little 6-year-old kids riddled, not shot with a stray bullet, riddled, riddled with bullet holes. in their classroom. >> the vice president says some of the ideas he is considering are universal background checks, not just for gun shows but also for private gun sales and a possible ban on those high capacity ammunition magazines. but he says he has not yet made an official list. after today's meeting, the nra released a statement that reads in part, and i quote: we are disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second am
. that's not what i or mark kelly or joe biden or barack obama wants to do. not what any sensible wants to do. you talk about the demonizing, the argument gets framed and makes you look like you are being unpatriotic if you question it. >> yes. there is a martial art and most are about breaking the other person. what's beautiful about the art of aikido is someone's attack is an energy that you welcome. instead of hurting them, you redirect them. it's a beautiful art. that's what we are not doing on the economy or guns or any other part. we are more and more polarized. there is a solution. i watched you here. you took a lot more in with the idea that you are stepping on graves which anyone would, but it was different for yourself when you are saying you are wrong. it makes it hard. >> listen, i'm trying to be fair-minded. >> i can see that. >> what are i find hard is when i'm categorized as being a ragy lefty who hates the constitution. i totally respect and admire the constitution and the second amendment and the americans's rights to defend themselves at home. he couldn't give me one.
of their connection of steroid use. the testing is one part of the anti-doping effort. >>> joe biden says he will deliver gun control recommendations to president obama by tuesday. he says federal task force to curb violence has been productive. he met with representatives of nra and walmart. >> there is an emerging set of recommendations not coming from me but coming from the groups we've met with. i'm going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and type of weapons that can be owned. >> biden said they agreed on conducting universal background checks. nra says gun rights and will cite attempts to limit law abiding americans from buying guns. >> evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction for president obama's inaugural after anti-gay remarks surfaced. he says prayer would be overshadowed by his past comments. the president will use two bibles for his swearing. he will use both martin luther king travels bible and the one used by president lincoln. mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-
. that's strange because here is joe biden around 2008. >> i guarantee you, barak obama ain't taking my shotguns. so don't buy that malarky! >> steve: oh, man. >> eric: the vice president have it both ways? we report. you decide. >> steve: we should play that a couple times today. and dad didn't see this coming. ♪ . >> steve: the kid is doing the shaky butt dance. that's awesome. his baby steals the show right from him. who is that? who the kid? details on this friday edition of "fox & friends." that's adorable. >> alisyn: little kids dancing is about the cutest thing you'll ever see. >> steve: absolutely. >> alisyn: they are natural born fantastic dancers. i remember when my kids were this agers we'd love to turn on music and they would cut a rug. >> steve: i've seen you at the christmas party after four drinks, you're the same way. >> alisyn: with the pacifier in my mouth like that? >> eric: if you enjoy that, that's from a christian singer, i believe his name coffee anderson. that was on godtube. that's fantastic. >> alisyn: in the meantime, let's get to your headlines, tell us wh
: vice president biden will send his recommendations to curb gun violence to president obama by tuesday. the vice president held another round of meetings on the topic in washington today. this time, including sporting groups as well as the powerful national rifle association and others. mr. biden said a consensus is emerging for tightening background checks and banning high-capacity ammunition magazines. >> there's got to be some common ground here to not solve every problem but diminish the probability that what we've seen in these mass shootings will occur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> sreenivasan: late today, the n.r.a. issued a statement saying it was disappointed that the discussions focused mainly on what it called an agenda to attack the second amendment. the group said it hopes to have an honest conversation with members of congress. there's been new border violence between india and pakistan in the disputed territory of kashmir. today, indian troops shot and killed a pakistani soldier in the mountainous region. kashmir is divid
the straight arm out there and says nothing. >> one reason joe biden was tasked with this is that barack obama, don't forget, back in 2008 showed a little distance -- >> ingloriously. >> these are people who cling to guns and their religion. he's not the guy to do this deal, joe biden is. the governor is right, when you get specific about things like high-capacity magazines, people want them limited. there's no question. in general, if you state it generally, people are confused because they know it's a constitutional right. but if you're specific, then the equation changes, and that's what the vice president is going to try to do. >> ironically it's like pro-life and pro-gun. very ironic. it's a generalized statement. >> exactly. interestingly, originally joe biden was not going to report, was not going to make his case to the president until after the state of the union, until after -- excuse me, until after the inaugural address. i think they're moving up the schedule of this because i think the president is, in fact, going to feature it in -- he's going to mention it in the inaugural -- >>
," vice president joe biden readies his gun control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concern among top military brass that budget cuts and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> government sting. the dea set up our own secret service agents with prostitutes. >>> all that, plus, the growing flu epidemic, one year after the costa concordia accident, and the return of the water skiing squirrel. >>> good morning. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of the administration's gun control traffic force. biden met with gun control advocates as well as retailers. while participants described the meetings as open and frank, the nra had harsh words for the president afterwards. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they'd talked to the representatives of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment. now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> as those meetings were taking place, another school shooting. this one at a high school in rural california. one student was
input on proposals to combat gun violence in the united states. biden says he will present recommendations to president obama next tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives from the entertainment industry and gun owners groups. the president of the national rifle association says he's disappointed with the meeting. >> they knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapon ban is. it's the same he's taken in years. these are not new positions. the vice president said we do this with an open mind. at the meeting he said no we made up our mind on that. >> the nra says it will not allow quote law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. >>> two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koa opened fire. the lawsuit was filed in alameda county yesterday by families of two of the victims. the school should have known he was to pose a serious danger to students because of the disagreements he had with t
-president biden on thursday. they called it an attack on the second amendment. vice-president biden plans to give his recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >> you have to be responsible with what ever you have. people have a fast cars and they're not responsible and the crash and kill people. there are millions of people out there with high capacity rifles, and they are not hurting people. >> the nra says it has seen a flood of new members in the past 18 days and is hoping for even more. >> the teacher u.s. presence in afghanistan is expected to take center stage when president obama and afghan president hamid karzai work at -- meet at the white house today. >> they will hold a private meeting and lunch before holding a joint press conference this afternoon. u.s. and international forces are scheduled to leave at the end of 2014. president karzai is good to speak at georgetown university this evening. >> 5:07. 41 degrees. >> still ahead, apple wants to hang up rumors it is creating a ch in >> welcome back. 5:10. it is easy to smile on friday when he know what the league -- what the weeke
, and forget it. >>> when vice president biden suggest said some of his recommendations to president obama might include the president issues executive orders, a firestorm erupted. president obama, critics said, was overstepping his authority. the drudge report read the headline, white house threatens executive orders on guns. and look at the pictures. they show pictures of josef stalin and adolf hitler. lindsey graham weighed in as well. tweeting today, quote, gun control by executive order could be a power grab that won't go down well with congress or the american people. just today, newt gingrich told fox's greta van susteren that congress should act to block any executive order. they need congress to cut off money and say no money shall be spent to do this. since his presidential run, speaker gingrich has launched a new website, gingrichproductions.com. i spoke to him just a few moments ago. mr. speaker, as you know, the white house is looking seriously at new gun control measures. they have talked about using executive orders, not to create new gun control laws, but to strengthen thin
president biden promising to put gun proposals in front of president obama by this coming tuesday, a little more than a month after the shootings in newtown. he and his task force have been hearing from a lot of different sides, including top lobbyists for the national rifle association, the nra. the organization coming away none too pleased with the administration as jim accost to reports. the vice president mentioned some specific recommendations emerging from groups meeting so far. what are they? >> well, number one, anderson, he mentioned it right there at a news conference of sorts with reporters. the reporters weren't allowed to ask questions, but the vice president did give a briefing as to what was going on today. he said that they're going to be looking at universal background checks, and that would sort of replace the system we have now, sort of a hodgepodge system where at gun dealers there are background checks that are conducted but at gun shows there are not. he's talking about universal background checks. even private sales, if i were to sell you a gun, there would have to be
.s. on the question of gun control. a team led by vice president joe biden is looking for answers. they'll share their findings next week with president obama. >> there's a real, very tight window to do this. i committed to him i'd have his recommendations to him by tuesday. >> bind met with representatives of the national rifle association and other organizations that oppose new controls on guns and ammunition. he said the team is exploring a ban on selling high-capacity gun magazines. he also said the government wants tighter background checks on people buying guns. the nra and other groups say such controls infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms. >>> the suicide of a star high school basketball player in japan is generating nationwide attention and raising questions about physical abuse in schools. the student left behind a note saying the teacher who coached his club team beat him on a number of occasions. the teacher defended his actions saying it was sports discipline. nhk world reports. >> reporter: members of the osaka board of education have spoken again and again about the
to hire police officers. next it will be president obama's turn to act on the recommendations of biden's task force. is the time now for big change including a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban? joining me is paul hemke former president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence and eugene robinson, of course, poul litser prize winning columnist for "the washington post" and an msnbc contributor. paul, you devote your time and life to this story. which way do you see it going in terms of how far the vice president's task force will go next tuesday and then how far the president will go and then how far the congress will go in terms of gun control and gun safety? >> i doubt if they're going to go as far as i'd like. i personally think they should present a comprehensive plan, deal with background checks, military style weapons, trafficking, deal with the special protections the gun industry gets. the old trigger lox. put them all into a comprehensive bill. it's going to be tough to get through. the problem with doing it single bill by single bill, people say this wouldn't have
-style assault weapons might be really hard to achieve for the obama administration despite mr. biden's task force efforts going on for three days in the summit. dianne feinstein the senator from california has the pweurblgs there may not be enougbill. there may not be enough votes to pass that. the idea that high capacity military ammunition magazines could actually be limited, that seems to have some currency and momentum as does the background checks. but this eupl mass on the actual ban on guns that could really be a problem for the gun control lobby has them finally trying to sort of catch up to the nra which has a huge organizational advantage when it comes to the grassroots battle on both side of this. jon: the grassroots groups, break down their roles for us. >> reporter: on the left side of this. on the gun control side, there hasn't been a great deal, as a matter of fact. if you look at last year's spending comparing just the national rifle association, never mind dozens of other prosecond amendment groups and compare its donations in the 2012 campaign to awful the collective gun c
for a program to put armed guards in every school in the nation. biden says he will present his recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >>> while that meeting was going on, across the country gunfire erupted at another school. a 16-year-old boy shot one classmate with a shotgun and tried to shoot another but missed. this was at a high school in taft, california. the boy had been planning the attack and targeted students who bullied him. if teachers prevented more bloodshed in talking the student to putting the gun down. the injured student is in critical but stable condition. >>> the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado movie theater. after four days of graphic testimony of the night james holmes allegedly shot and killed 12 people and injured 70 more in a theater last summer, a judge ruled there is enough evidence to take the case to trial. the judge says prosecutors established probable cause on more than 160 felony counts. holmes' attorneys asked for today's arraignment to be delayed. >>> in new york city, a domestic dispute turns into a deadly fire. neighbors caught the mass
option. yesterday, biden hinted that if congress does refuse to pass legislation, president obama could take executive action. aurora shooter james holmes will face trial on charges he killed 12 people and wounded 70 during the massacre at a colorado theatre. the judge heard the evidence this week and ruled just last night there is enough evidence to try him. holmes is supposed to be arraigned today but his lawyers say he's not ready to enter a plea. more bill press coming up next after the break. stay with us. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. from silver screens... to flat screens... twizzlerize your entertainment everyday with twizzlers the twist you can't resist. >> anno
obama, vice president joe biden and of agab stand's president hamid karzai. both heads of state will take part in a joint news conference coming up in about three hours from now. cnn's wolf blitzer and gloria borger will anchor our live special coverage. >>> the department of transportation is going to conduct a comprehensive review of the boeing 787 dreamliner's critical systems including design, manufacturing and assembly. secretary ray lahood spoke just moments ago. >> we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> the 787 has had a difficult week, several jets were involved in public incidents, including a fire in the battery compartment and a fuel leak. >>> some amazing pictures to show you out of australia. check this out. wow! it's a red dust storm. looks almost like a wall of fire, doesn't it? it comes on the outskirts of a strong tropical cyclone off the northwest coast of australia. it covered homes and cars and stuff but no serious damage to report, amazing. we'll be right back. t the numbes in
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